SMT Automation Equipments
  Your One-Stop SMT Automation Equipment Solutions
rovides from Lead-free Wave Solder, Lead-free Reflow Oven, Curing Oven ,AOI and Printer, Customized project, PCB Handling Conveyors, Dross Separator ...

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Ultrasonic Cleaner
ideal for cleaning various components
It's capable of cleaning various components, parts, instruments faster and better than any other procedure known, saving valuable time & increase productivity...
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Ultrasonic Homogenizer
ideal for protein & enzyme extraction
High efficiency & low cost laboratory, biocell homogenizer. Featuring with 20KHz converter, tapered horn, disrupts & homogenizes sample batches from 0.5-600ml...
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Ultrasonic Tubular Immersible System
minimize space and 360º ultrasonic waves
Tubular Immersible System emit 360º ultrasonic waves and waves will be
refracted when they touch SUS water tank wall which will expand the cavitation and crisscross its directions to make the ultrasonic full of intensive in the water.s....
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Customized, Special-Designed Ultrasonic System
custom-designed to meets various demand
The increased awareness of ultrasonics as an effective & efficient today's cleaning technology, more & more industries for an ever increasing range of different applications & requirements...
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Industiral HD Cleaner
Heavy-Duty Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ideal for heavy-usage cleaning purpose, its produce a powerful cleaning force, which is capable of removing the toughest, contaminates without incurring damage to the substrate...
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Lab Oven / Incubator
solutions for research & industry
Laboratory / Biocells equipment, ovens, incubators, boiling baths, environmental chambers, water baths, tissue culture and plant growth...
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